Episode 34 – Dr Harry Wong and Kirk Mossing Thoughts

Dr Harry Wong and Kirk Mossing are back to bring you more informative podcasts.  Listen to this show to see what the future plans are and also to get some useful information to help you succeed in life!

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Episode 33 – George Harrison on CCHR

George Harrison talks with Kirk about the Citizens Commission On Human Rights (CCHR)

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Episode 32 – What everyone thinks but doesn’t want to say featuring Rich Nisbet

Rich is the author of the book This Lifetime.  In counseling many individuals, Rich has seen a spectrum of phenomena which are common to many people.  His book covers many of these phenomena, and he talks about some of the most common issues in today’s episode.

Rich can be contacted at rich@richnisbet.com


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Episode 31 – Staying positive featuring Vickie Chandler

Vickie Chandler talks about staying positive in the current economic climate and in personal and world situations.

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Episode 30 – Using ARC featuring Alex Brauncotti

Alex Brauncotti talks about using the combination of Affinity, Reality, and Communication in life. This trio is called the ARC triangle in Scientology.

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Episode 29 – Auditing featuring Ted Sullivan

Ted Sullivan tells us about his experiences as a Scientology and Dianetics Auditor.

Click here to download the Transcript of Podcast (English/Russian).

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Episode 28 – Competence and Education featuring Bruce Wiggins

Bruce Wiggins of The Dephian School joins us for a discussion of Competence and Education with the fundamentals of LRH Study Tech.

Applicable links are:

The Delphian School

Applied Scholastics

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Episode 27 – Purposes and Communication featuring Mark DeEulio

Mark is incredibly engaging as the podcast goes on. Listen in to what successful actions he uses in his life.

Mark DeEulio is a well known business consultant and motivational speaker who has spoken to several hundred thousand people over the past 23 years in the US, Canada, UK and Russia.

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Episode 26 – Change, Games and Confront featuring Kirk Mossing

Kirk Mossing returns for a discussion of Change, Games, Confront and Persistence!

Kirk Mossing, Solo NOTs auditor, is a consultant and trainer with over 15 years of experience in design, editing and training in presentations, graphic design and publications. Solo NOTs auditor, Kirk Mossing can be reached via e-mail atkirk@kirkmossing.com

Applicable links are:

Kirk Mossing

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Episode 25 – Artists for Human Rights featuring Pomm Hepner

This podcast features Pomm Hepner, artist, humanitarian and long time Scientologist & Class VI auditor. In this podcast Pomm shares what led her to Scientology and her successful actions propelling her up the Bridge to Total Freedom and her passions as an artist and her involvement with Artists for Human Rights.

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